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Izuky Photography, Mosaic
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Izuky Photography, Mosaic

Wedding photographer in Cuba

Placed within a completely international space, Izuky, experienced destination wedding photographer, offers his services in Cuba and other different places, he is an expert in finding great scenarios for your wedding pictures in Varadero, Cayo Largo, and Cayo Guillermo locations.

Izuky knows how to show and reflect in each wedding photo all different contrasts that guests can find in Havana, from traditional to most modern art and architecture, as well as Havana's many colors and circumstances, and reproduce them all without leaving aside wedding photography current trends, including the so-called sexy little bride.

Destination wedding photos/pictures in Cuba taken by Izuky are completed with his full knowledge of Cuba, and provide clients of the advantage of having a wedding photographer capable of stamp all he knows about all different places of its native country, who also masters the culture of the Island, and knows how to reflect it as a destination chosen by many couples for their wedding destination photos/pictures.

Once you find the right person to share your life with, that person who makes you feel special and in love, whom to share the everyday, and with the process of time realize that is THE ONE, you find a reason to celebrate and here comes the time for marriage together with the need to preserve it on unique wedding photos/pictures, and thus not forget this unrepeatable moment.

Izuky has all the necessary skills and technology that combined with an extensive experience and a mix of tradition and modernity achieves the best quality and uniqueness of wedding photos/pictures in Cuba.

Izuky also helps suggesting with fresh ideas for your wedding photos/pictures, and you are also involved in the process of modifying them according to your needs, likes, preferences, and benefits.

Working with foreign clients and people from different countries, interested in Cuba as a destination, has make Izuky gain in experience with new trends in wedding photography; this is something that also Cuban clients benefit from, and as a result, they all have the most exceptional wedding photos/pictures ever.

Getting personalized magazines and photo books that reflect Izuky's work as a wedding photo-reporter and photo-journalist, are one the most important steps when achieving all these special wedding moments, this service is also provided by him with the best quality.

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